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Rare Specimens

Pyrite Diamond Drop Earrings

Pyrite Diamond Drop Earrings

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Channel good vibes with our Pyrite Diamond Drop Earrings. Crafted with the mighty power of pyrite, these earrings bring luck and prosperity to whoever wears them. Let these shimmering diamonds add a touch of sparkle to your style while also bringing positive energy to your day. Good luck never looked so stylish!

Pyrite Diamond Drop Earrings are crafted with two pieces of Raw Pyrite and Clear Acetate earring charms and paired with 14k gold plated earring pads and bullet clutch backings. Acetate diamonds measure 1.75 cm wide & 1.75 cm tall and have a dreamy translucent appearance.

Rare Specimens are made in Hamilton, Ontario Canada using raw rocks & minerals & gemstones. Everything is sourced by hand and no two pair are alike. Each rock is hand chiseled and hammered to get a perfect specimen for your jewelry.

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