Care Instructions

All jewelry is handmade with the highest-quality ethically sourced materials. Follow these instructions to extend the life of your jewelry for years to come!


Rare Specimens uses a variety of gemstones with varying degrees of hardness. While gemstones are naturally tough they may be subject to wear depending on how you care for them. Protect your jewelry from knocks, scratches, chemicals, moisture, and excessive heat/ cold. Store your gemstones in a clean, dry place, and avoid extended direct-contact with the sun which may cause discolouration in certain stones.


Freshwater pearls are a soft gemstone that require special care.

Pearl jewelry can be damaged by many chemicals and all acids. This includes perfume, cosmetics, hair spray, and even perspiration. Your freshwater pearl jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Do not wear your pearl jewelry when exercising, showering, to the pool or to the beach. Freshwater pearls are not as strong as some gemstones increasing the risk of damage if you wear them daily. However taking proper care of your pearl jewelry, and storing it properly, ensures you can wear your pearls as often as you like.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. As a result, it is hypoallergenic for most people. Atmospheric pollution, including water, can tarnish or dull silver. The best way to avoid tarnishing is to store your silver pieces in individual air-tight bags. If your silver has already tarnished, don't worry, it can be polished using a polishing cloth available at any local jewelry supply or bead store. As many of our pieces are made with natural gemstones, we do not recommend using chemical jewelry cleansers, as they may damage or dull stones.

Brass & Bronze

Try to avoid contact with water and chemicals (bleach, perfume, bug spray, sunscreen, etc).  This will cause your brass jewelry to oxidize faster.

Wearing and touching your brass pieces will actually help prevent tarnish.  Ever see a statue in a park where a part that is frequently touched is much brighter?  That's because the natural oils/acids from our skin do help rub off and delay some tarnish.

When not in use - I cannot stress this enough - keep your brass jewelry is dry and sealed in a plastic baggie.  Try to squeeze out as much of the extra air as you can.  Bonus points if you include an anti-tarnish strip in the bag ( you can get them on Amazon).  This tip also applies to any sterling jewelry, but is less necessary.


All pieces can be gently polished by hand using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth, included with rings & pendants or easily available on Amazon.